Supreme Champion Outstanding New Zealand Food Producer 2019

We’re hunting for New Zealand’s finest food producers to celebrate the inspiring Kiwis who harvest, grow and make our food and drinks.

Produce and goods are judged across four categories with a champion being named for each category: Dairy, Earth, Paddock, and Water.  One winner will be chosen from among the four category champions to be named Supreme Champion Outstanding New Zealand Food Producer Awards 2019. 

The Supreme Champion recognises the single producer who in the opinion of the judges creates a benchmark product of exceptional quality across all measures – it tastes and looks great, is innovative, has a point of difference, is produced using sustainable methods, and has a great story.



Supreme Champion 

Recognizes the New Zealand producer who, in the opinion of the judges, creates a benchmark product of exceptional quality across all measures – it tastes great, is innovative, sustainable and has a great story.



Emerson’s Dairy Champion
Examples include specialty cheese, organic milk or cream, goat’s milk, sheep milk, raw milk, ice-cream, yogurt, butter, cheese and flavored milk drinks.



Examples include fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, grains and flours, seeds, pulses, salt flakes, artisan bread and bakery products; dried fruits or herbs, sauces, preserves or drinks made with fruit, nuts, herbs, vegetables etc. Fruit and vegetable juices and olive oils. Coffee and alcoholic beverages will not be considered.



Ara Wines Paddock Champion
Examples include animals and poultry bred for the table, e.g. chicken, duck, beef, pork, venison, lamb, venison, eggs. Additionally, value-added meat or poultry-based items made with sound ethics and craftsmanship. Examples: bacon and sausages, terrines, smoked, cured or dried meat products, pies, casseroles, curries, ready-to-heat and eat dishes.



Water Champion
Examples include fresh water or ocean fish, shellfish. Value-added products from the waters such as; preserved and prepared seafood, pâté and prepared dishes in which the main ingredient is New Zealand caught.